Energy Work

Chakra Reading & Balancing

Chakra reading and balancing brings inner peace and balance to your energy centers. Through a special process, Deva helps to clear blocks and old patterns that throw your chakras out of balance. She brings your chakras back in balance and opens your crown chakra connecting you with your higher self.


Reiki (“Laying on hands”) is a gentle healing technique reducing stress and bringing deep relaxation. A profound sense of well-being of body, mind, and soul is experienced.

Inner Child Healing

Your inner child represents your true essence. It is connected with qualities of joy, wonder, creativity, and playfulness. Often as children we experience traumas and wounds which manifest as fears, insecurities, and self-sabotaging patterns. Inner child work is an important part of self-growth and spiritual development. In this session Deva helps you through an experiential process to reconnect and bring joyful healing to your inner child.

60 minutes $100 for all above services

175 Partridge Ln
Prescott, AZ 86303

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